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Leadership Hiring

Pentagram Premium, a unit of Pentagram Consulting Pvt Ltd, understands every organisation does have unique expectations from their Leadership Team, which are influenced by various external and internal drivers that affect organizational circumstances and requirements. External drivers include prevailing economic and business challenges, characteristics of the industry, competitors, the demands of investors and key stakeholders.

Where does role of CFO ends?

The role of the CFO generally has broadened over the past decade. Beyond the core responsibilities of financial reporting, audit, compliance, planning, treasury and capital structure. Also many CFOs are playing a stronger role in corporate portfolio management and capital allocation. Others have become prominent as the voice of the company in investor relations and in communications to the Board.

Where does it end? How the CEO and the Board can shape a manageable profile for the position?

It’s an important question for companies hiring a new CFO.

Pentagram Premium does have expertise in mapping organization’s unique requirements which shape the CFO role and does have vast experience in headhunting good fit candidate to meet specific organisation’s expectations, particularly the CEO and the Board. The CXO Headhunting mandates are undertaken by exclusive senior team, comprising of ex-CXO and specialist executive search consultants, having hands-on experience in team building and talent acquisition across industry and domestic/international markets, drives the C-level headhunting mandate.