Pentagram consulting is one of top HR Consulting Company in India with a mission that is simple yet powerful - “We bring winners together" Over the years. Pentagram Consulting has gone ahead in creating enduring partnership with clients build on strong commitment by making deliveries every time all the time, specifically when needed most.

As leading human resources consultants in India, we offer the following services for your business organization.

Recruitment & Staffing - According to the Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions. These are costly mistakes!...

At Pentagram Consulting we understand the fact that the success and growth of an organization is very much dependent on its people. Our endeavor is always to provide best-fit talent for your needs. We also provide skilled temp staff to cover various positions.

Learning & Development -Pentagram’s learning and development programs are carefully designed to empower each individual with the necessary skill and knowledge and ensure that it, besides being effective, mirrors and addresses the critical day-to-day business challenge.

We partner with you in optimizing the performance of your workplace through customized training and development programs, which help in motivating and engaging your key resource - your people

RPO & HR Solutions- Recruitment Process Outsourcing - We understand that Recruitment Process is a job, best left to expert as it involves a deep consideration of various aspects including search, interviews & selection, onboarding and Payroll compliances. In order to help your organization, we offer the reliable and efficient recruitment process outsourcing services.

HR Solutions - We also provide operational management of entire HR Departments where you can leave all your HR issue to us while you concentrate on running your business profitably and efficiently. We provide End-to-End HR Solutions for start-up companies as well as established corporations.

Payroll & Compliances -In most cases, setting up and managing an efficient payroll system is an extremely complex, exhaustive, highly regulated and time-consuming process. Our efficient payroll outsourcing services help you to overcome this problem in a stress free and easy manner and also help to remain focus on key business operations.

Background Verification Services - As leading human resources consultants in India, our background verification business unit – PentagramSecure is ethical & process driven business unit with domain expertise in address, education, employment, reference checks and criminal checks of employees, vendors and other stakeholders.