Pentagram Staffing

Pentagram Staffing, a Staff Augmentation business unit of Pentagram Consulting Pvt Ltd, offering a comprehensive range of Contract Staffing solutions and services, helping companies at varying stages in their evolution to increase productivity, quality and efficiency in order to achieve their business goals. Our experience and expertise allow us to accurately assess candidates’ workplace potential and technical skills to match them to the needs of our clients.

We offer a diverse pool of skilled and professional temporary staff. The candidates are chosen through a well defined personnel selection process within a challenging environment.  This provides us the advantage of being amongst the leading recruitment firms in India capable of catering to a variety of long and short term temporary staffing needs of your organization.

In most cases, setting up and managing an efficient payroll system is an extremely complex, exhaustive and time-consuming process. Even for a small sized business organization, professionals have ample experience and knowledge need to be employed for operating the system in a smooth and hassle free manner. This leads to additional expenses and setting up the proper infrastructure to maintain the system. However, by outing for payroll outsourcing, you can become free of the stress and hassles of managing the payroll and compliance for your business.