Market & Talent Mapping

Our market mapping services is a business intelligence solution that provides clients with critical data to support the organisational development of a company.

Market Mapping provides our clients with a bespoke in-depth market intelligence analysis of the candidate pool in their sector. This includes – in a confidential manner – a clear methodology of assessing, the available talent in the market for your hiring needs in the current business environment. Our market analysis provides a competitive benchmark on salaries, roles and responsibilities, and organizational structures.

Pentagram Consulting recommends this solution for companies who may:

  • Have no immediate hiring need but wish to see a market overview in order to be well prepared for a rapid placement in the future.
  • Want to be certain that, as a specific need arises, the perfect candidate does in fact exist in the market.
  • Have a potential Retained Search need but remain uncertain until there is a more complete understanding of the market via a Market Mapping report, after which the company is better informed to decide whether to proceed with a new mandate or not.
  • Be engaged in the succession planning, diversity mapping or general talent benchmarking.
  • Intend to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the local talent pool, before deciding whether to conduct an Retained Search locally or relocate talent from existing markets.

By mandating Pentagram Consulting for our Market Mapping solution, our clients can be assured that:

  • through exhaustive identification and analysis, they will be provided with accurate data on the specific market,
  • as well as receiving a comprehensive report they will be appraised of solutions recommended to make an informed decision for their current, or future, hiring needs.